Advancing PostApocology Studies in Climate Chaos, Peak Resources,
Plague/Virus, Species Collapse, Biome Breach, and more.
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About the Project's Directors
The Directors of the Project for PostApocology, Jim and Michael, share CEO, CFO, CIO, and out-of-pocket roles at the Project.

ApocoDocs Jim (left) and Michael (right) at work.

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How this all started

Originally, this project was to be a web meta-fictional endeavor, jointly created by Jim and Michael. It was a sort of comedic Web novel about academia and the collapse of civilization, with a backstory (most clearly delineated in a faux news article); had a leitmotif of a misguided partner who, over time, would become a very interesting character; included a conflict of philosophical approach with competing apocalyptic institutes. The story even had a mysterious woman.

But as we constructed the sites, doing background research on the topics, and began gathering the scenario news, we began actually eyeing the bare face of the Apocalyptic horrors. We realized we needed to shift: "mute the meta," simplify, and focus on the true, frightening realities facing humankind. But we also had to make sure it was fun, as we explain in About the Project

If you know of other sites doing what we're doing, pass them on to us, since we haven't found many that match. If you're freaked about what's going on, what you're reading, what you're seeing, then forward this site to a handful of people -- and let's see if we can get change a-coming, and have some fun along the way.

Like soci-OL-ogists, or onc-OL-ogists, students of PostApocology must learn to have its name roll off the tongue: 'I'm a postapoc-OL-ogist, studying postapoc-OL-ogy.' Its rhythms may initially seem unnatural, but then, so are the sociocultural rhythms studied by a postapocOLogist.
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