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Paul Stamets to the rescue

Sunday, April 27th, 2008

So what did the residents of Fort Bragg do — to help figure out a new way to clean up their dioxin problem? They invited Paul Stamets to speak.

I first encountered Stamets at the 2006 Bioneers gathering in Marin County. This annual event gathers all sorts of amazing scientists, social justice activists, and forward-thinking folks. Through plenary speeches and workshops and panels and dance parties, people share their ideas and success stories about healing the planet.

Stamets may not be the most dynamic speaker ever, but in his plenary speech, he presented a host of ways that mycoremediation can help heal the planet. Mycoremediation — a new word to me at the time — is remediation through the use of mushrooms.

Some of it is so fanciful you think you’ve fallen down the rabbit hole with Dorothy, to mix a cultural metaphor. In fact, he delivered his speech sporting a cool looking hat made entirely from mushrooms.

Check all the great ideas and books that Stamets offers at

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This year’s Bioneers conference is Oct. 17-19. Maybe see you there.