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PostApocHaiku launched

Thursday, January 17th, 2008

I’m truly gratified that we’ve seen our way through to posting PostApocHaiku in some of our news feed mouseovers. There were some technological issues to work through, but the bigger bugaboo for Mike and I was grappling w/ the realization that haiku is NOT one of the seven humor vectors.

Given the discipline we must maintain, this was a pickle. How to introduce a brand new — even in this nascent stage of the site — kind of communication?

Of course it goes w/out saying that we were attracted to the intrinsic rhythmic structure of the haiku — after all, the second line always contains SEVEN SYLLABLES! And we do like that magic number seve.

But the clincher was this: Traditional haiku is a type of communication whose purpose is to capture (otherwise) ineffable moments of seasonal transitions. That first poo-too-weet of the bird of spring. The first glimpse of the crocus. You get the idea, you studied the form in grade school. So what better modality of communication about the chaos and miasma of change wrought by environmental devastation (in all 7 forms) than the haiku?

We could if we’re not careful go haiku crazy!

Our other concern was if you don’t cleverly mark the word w/ caps: “PostApocHaiku” and instead write all in lower caps “postapochaiku” it might make people want to respond with a: Gesundheit!

And what is wrong, one’s spiritual proclivities notwithstanding, with a simple “God bless” in response to a sneeze…or some larger cataclysm.

I am,