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Responses to the site? Feedback?

Posted by Michael on Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

We’d love to hear what you have to say.

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Michael and Jim

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7 Responses to “Responses to the site? Feedback?”

  1. Livvy Says:

    Some some silly, some stupid, and some poignant. Nice mix!

    Learned some things, too. Hermaphroditic frogs? Canadians clear-cutting trees to protest?

    I also noticed seven scenarios in the blog, and only six on the main site — is that intentional, somehow? What have you got against religious apocolypses? :)

  2. wgr Says:

    Oh, Michael, how distressed you must be to label this Web site of inevitable doom to be “fun”! Despite the excellent graphics I signed off like a cripple walking the plank. It didn’t help that I failed to get 100 on the quiz, never thinking that Canadians would cut down trees as a political protest.

    The site is very well designed, but you need a link to a therapist network to help people like me recover from the confirmation of our worst fears. 100-pound squids attacking in packs? The race to shoot the last polar bear? No wonder people watch soap operas: they’re so cheery and uncomplicated.

    I bookmarked the site to better follow the daily degradation of life as we know it. The species collapse section is especially heartbreaking.

    Thanks for letting me know about this, Michael. I will pass along the URL to help draw traffic and discussion. You’re right: I know of nothing else like it on the Web.

  3. Barrie Jehu Says:

    I’ve just wasted a couple of hours on your enjoyable quiz when I should have been weeding my veggie patch!
    I cut and ran 30+years ago. The problem with a site like this is that most of your visitors will be the already converted. This does not make it any the less good, appreciated or necessary. Keep up the work and you might make enough of a difference that there are some survivors.
    Latitude: 60.139; Longitude: -1.183

  4. bud dingler Says:

    that story on oct 17 2008 about cell phones and honeybees is an embarassment to your web site.

    as a professional full time beekeeper I can tell you that a quick research of that now old and stale claim brings up numerous credible bee researchers and scientist that debunk that myth.

    you should consider removing that article as it is full of false assertions - the author of the phone bee study in germany is even on record as stating that the experiment did not even involve cell phones!!!

    the natural news website that posted the article initially has become a source of voodoo science and bogus claims.

  5. Michael Says:

    Michael’s reply to Bud:

    Thanks for pointing this out, Mr. Dingler.

    We do try to stick to solid, if occasionally fringe-y, science, on the site. There’s enough terrifying sound science out there to not need discredited stories.

    I’ll do some more research and talk with my partner in this endeavor; we may remove it, or comment about its doubtfulness.

    Do you have any links to hand regarding the “not even cellphones” point, below? And do you have any thoughts regarding what is behind CCD? Based on other online research I’ve done, nicotinoid-based pesticide confusion, or other pesticides weakening the bees’ immune systems, both seem very likely, but I’m not on the ground as you are, nor any expert on bees. I do, however, have a real interest in this real trauma to beekeepers, bees, and pollinators in general.

    Again, thanks for your input; I’ll be sure to approve your comment on the blog site, regardless.


  6. Jeff Says:

    this is a horrible horrible site. but i can’t stop reading it.

  7. Lily Says:

    I’ve been visiting this website regularly since Jim first told me about it a year and a half ago or so, and it has at times fed my obsessive “the end is nigh!!” convictions, while at other times it’s given me genuine hope.

    Over the last few months, I’ve noticed more and more “Recovery” articles popping up. Seems like these were the hardest to find when I first started visiting the site. It thrills me each time I see that little fire extinguisher.

    Makes me happy to have the hope and fear become more and more balanced.

    Because. . .

    Maybe we’re not all royally screwed! Maybe we can actually change things so the end doesn’t have to be nearly so nigh! Maybe we can actually do the things listed in the Recovery section, and work in our communities, and not go down the tubes!

    Steven Chu gives me hope. And so, believe it or not, does this website.


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